As part of the events of Medcities General Assembly, a Seminar on the implementation of UDS in the Mediterranean Area was held the 21st and 22nd November in Barcelona.

On November 21st and 22nd, Barcelona hosted a Seminar on Urban Development Strategies (UDS) experiencies in the Mediterranean Area, with the participation of international experts, and local teams and Mayors from Maghreb and Middle Eastern cities.

The first part of the Seminar focused on  new challenges for UDS in the Mediterranean. Discussions about how important is the Know-How transfer to empower cities, and the need to decentralize and transfer competences, especially key competences, to Municipalities were the main topics of the debate. The UDS examples from Saida, Sousse and Larnaka were exposed to better understand the problems and challenges that these strategies are facing.

Strategic alliances, international coordination and assistance from organizations, were also important issues for the debate that reinforced the thesis about the need of decentralization and empowerment of cities.

The final part of the UDS Seminar was held the 22nd, and it focused on the Implementation of strategic projects. The debate was about the big changes that Mediterranean cities are facing and the importance of political leadership in the implementation of strategic projects. The role that Mayors play  and the revitalisation of cities major infrastructures, were the focus of the discussion.

During the Seminar, there was an extra session on Friday morning to present the Territorial Strategic Development Plan of the Dannieh Region and the Strategy of Jbeil, both cities from Lebanon.



Thursday 21st November- (Part A): New challenges for UDS in the Mediterranean

15:00 – 15:15 Opening: Mr. Josep Roig, Secretary General of UCLG

15:15 – 16:30 The implementation of UDS in the Mediterranean: assessment and current challenges. Factilitator Mr. Joan Parpal, Secretary General of MedCities

16:45-18:00 The importance of partnership in the implementation of UDS: strategic alliances. Factilitator Mr. Farouk Tebbal, Senior International Urban Specialist

  • Mr Giovanni Camilleri, International Coordinator UNDP ART
  • Ms. Maryse Gautier, Urban Expert, CMI
  • Mr. Abdullah Al Subail, Deputy Director General, AUDI
  • Ms. Diana Kobayter, Project Manager, CCIA-BML & ASCAME Presidency

Friday 22nd November- (Part B): Implementation of strategic projects

9:00 – 9:15 Opening: Mr. Joan Parpal, Secretary General of MedCities

9:15 – 10:30 Political leadership in the implementation of strategic projects in Mediterranean cities. Factilitator Mr. William Cobbett, Manager of Cities Alliance   

  • Mr Guy Fleuret, Senior Advisor on Transport and Urban Development, Union for the Mediterranean
  • Mr Tariq Kabbage, Mayor of Agadir
  • Mr Mahmoud Farag Burziza, Chairman Benghazi Municipality
  • Mr Mabrouk Kossentini, President Special Delegation Sfax Municipality

11:00-12:15 Mediterranean coastal cities and harbours binomial: Territorial integration, new uses of old port areas, economic and logistical synergies, shared governance.  Factilitator Mr. Adolf Romagosa, Manager Port2000.  

12:15-13:30  Urban Development Strategies as catalysts for socio-economic projects.  Factilitator Mr. Josep Maria Pascual, Senior International Urban Specialist  

  • Mr Mohamed Idaomar, President of the Urban Community of Tétouan: Territorial equity: Projects of the PCD of Tétouan
  • Mr Andro Vlahusic,  Mayor of Dubrovnik : Financing historical buildings’ renewal
  • Mr Mounir Rekik, Director of International Relations and USUDS Coordinator Sfax: Upgrading neighbourhoods
  • Ms Carmen de la Peña, CIEDES Foundation, Málaga: Participatory process of designing the integration of Guadalmedina River in the city of Málaga.