General Assemblies

Find here the information about all MedCities General Assemblies and International Seminars hosted by different members of the network

  • Nino Maričić

    Sarajevo opens its doors to the 19th MedCities General Assembly and yearly seminar to strengthen member cities' ties

    The 19th annual General Assembly of MedCities was held in Sarajevo in a hybrid format and with a high participation of the members. The association reached the 80 members from the three Mediterranean shores.

  • 02

    Larnaka receives the 18th MedCities General Assembly with a wide participation

    The 18h annual General Assembly of MedCities was held in Larnaka in a hybrid format and with a high participation of the members. The association reached the 73 members from the three Mediterranean shores.

  • 03

    Successful celebration of the 17th MedCities General Assembly at Montpellier

    The 17th annual General Assembly of MedCities was held in the Maison of Rélations Internationales of Montpellier in a hybrid format and with the participation of their members, some of which were participating onlline.

  • 04

    Tripoli 2008

    The MedCities General Assembly of 2008, was held on January 29th-31th in Tripoli (Lebanon) following a generous invitation of the Mayor of Tripoli, Mr. Rachid Al Jamaly.

  • 05

    MedCities celebrates General Assembly in Dubrovnik 2015

    More than 35 cities of the North and South shores of the Mediterranean represented by mayors and elected officials participated in the MedCities General Assembly 2015 in Dubrovnik.

  • 06

    MedCities celebrates an online General Assembly with engaged cities and welcoming two new members- 2020

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  • 07

    General Assembly 2016 in Tetouan

    The Medcities General Assembly took place on 2 December 2016 in Tetutan (Morocco).

  • 08

    General Assembly Tripoli 2017

    The Medcities Annual Conference took place on 7th– 8th November 2017, in Tripoli (Lebanon) hosted by the Urban Community of Al-Fayhaa. The MedCities international seminar, with occasion of the MedCities General Assembly, addressed the topic on sòlid waste management in Mediterranean cities.

  • 09

    General Assembly Barcelona 2018

    The 2018 MedCities Annual Conference took place 4-5 October. It was hosted in Barcelona by the Barcelona City Council and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona. The MedCities international seminar, which took place alongside the MedCities General Assembly, addressed the topics of sustainability and equality in Mediterranean urban areas.

  • 10

    Silifke 1996

    1996 General Assembly took place in Silifke, Mersin

  • 11

    Roma 1998

    In 1998 the MedCities General Assembly took place in Rome city member. Read the activity report and the action plan approved during the meeting.

  • 12

    Roma 2002

    Roma hosted the 2002 General Assembly in which representatives of 10 Medcities towns, 8 international institutions and 11 Italian and Roman agencies or institutions attended. The Secretary General presented the Activity Report 1999-2001 and the Prospects for the period 2002-03.

  • 13

    Barcelona 2004

    The MedCities General Assembly 2004 was held from September 15th to17th in Barcelona. The mayor of Rome, Mister Walter Veltroni, was reelected as the President of Medcities.

  • 14

    Barcelona 2013

    The General Assembly of MedCities 2013, took place on November 21st in Barcelona. It was followed by an open seminar on urban sustainable development strategies.

  • 15

    Izmir 2014

    This General Assembly In Izmir (2014) has been especially important due to the participation of new members in the event. It has represented a major step in the consolidation of MedCities as a leading association in urban sustainable development and strategic planning in the Mediterranean.  

  • 16

    Tunis hosts the 15th MedCities General Assembly (2019)

    On November, 28th 2019MedCities association celebrated its 15th General Assembly in Tunis City Hall where more than 25 member cities attended.