Empowering Mediterranean Municipalities in branding their territorial added value



Empowering Mediterranean Municipalities in branding their territorial added value

Project overview



Ajuntament de Barcelona


Union of Municipalities of Jezzine

Municipality of Zgharta-Ehden

Union of Municipalities of Batroun




Ajuntament de Barcelona

A project on ecotourism promotion and territorial branding in Lebanon.


Tourism, as a product and service oriented industry, could generate widespread benefits for the economy and society, contributing to local economic development. Despite its economic and social importance, in many places the development of tourism is exerting undue pressures on the natural and built environments. These pressures may threaten the quality of life of local populations, degrade tourism assets and, by consequence, negatively affect future tourism development. Exploiting the full potential of tourism requires a sustainable approach, effective strategies and targeted actions in which local governments can play an important role, both for the success of the local tourism industry as well as in conserving its resources.

The TER-BRAND project is focused on developing sustainable tourism in three different Lebanese territories, with the aim of adding value to their tourist offer in order to avoid the mass tourism model and move towards other ways of promoting tourism sustainably.

TER-BRAND aims to strengthen municipal capacities for: coordinating local actors in the tourist sector; identifying new touristic products through stakeholder consultation; and positioning their territories as destinations for alternative tourism.

General Objective

Reinforce the role of local authorities in promoting sustainable and alternative tourism as a driver of economic activity in their territories.

Specific Objectives

  • Strengthen the capacities of the local authorities to coordinate local actors in the tourist sectors and to identify and implement related projects;
  • Support local authorities in positioning their territories as alternative touristic destinations through a branding strategy and communication tools;
  • Strengthen cooperation inside the MedCities network through experience- and knowledge-sharing activities among its members.

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