Local action for the socioeconomic recovery in the Mediterranean: the cities respond

CLOSED June 2021 – May 2023


Local action for the socioeconomic recovery in the Mediterranean: the cities respond

Project overview




250.000 €


LASERMed (Local action for the socioeconomic recovery in the Mediterranean : the cities respond) a ‎funded by the Diputació de Barcelona and led by MedCities in association with the municipalities of Zgharta-Ehden (Lebanon), Oujda (Morocco), Sousse (Tunisia), As Salt (Jordan). The project aims to provide a tailored support to municipalities in the identification and implementation of local, tangible and concerted actions to mitigate the effects of the COVID crisis and promote the recovery of strategic sectors with social value and environmental perspective.


The overall objective is to strengthen the role and capacities of local governments to favor a long-term recovery of the citizens’ living conditions.

Specific objectives

1. Accompany the municipalities in the identification of needs, planning and implementation of economic recovery measures with a social and / or environmental value and in a concerted manner with economic local agents.

2. Promote local economic development projects for job creation in green and socially responsible sectors to meet the needs identified jointly with citizens and local economic agents.

3. Promote awareness and exchange of knowledge on local economic development, green and socially responsible economy between municipalities in the Mediterranean region with similar socio-economic realities.

Expected achievements

  • A tailored methodology for local socioeconomic and participatory diagnosis for Mediterranean municipalities.
  • 4 local diagnosis and identification of strategic pilot projects for socioeconomic recovery with a green and socially inclusive perspective.
  • Capacities are built on the side of the municipality’s services to identify needs and projects.
  • Links are fostered between Mediterranean municipalities in the field of socioeconomic recovery.

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