By adopting a certain methodology which has been structured by the Larnaka Local Team, a list of four strategic axes has been defined. The end of this process has been the second session of the Steering Committee of the programme.

The reference point  of these guidelines were the findings of the first issue of the diagnostic study, the current socio-economic data and the experience of the past in relation to the various actions that have been taken or not taken.

From this diagnosis, the vision of Larnaca has been defined. Larnaca is the gateway to Cyprus, transforming its geographical competitive advantage to a bridge connecting Europe and Asia. The emerging Energy Hub of Eastern Mediterranean, offering a unique business environment, where research, development and innovation can flourish, encouraging employment opportunities and investing in education and state of the art technologies, in a sustainable manner. The picturesque waterfront city, with its breathtaking natural beauty and long history, the modern tourist destination for every season and desire. Drawing its true strength from the quality of family life, the liveliness and the creativity of its people. From this vision, the Larnaca Local Team have defined four axes to develop the Action Plan. Larnaca as a Energy Hub, Gateway City, Family City and Specialized Tourism City.

The core part of the action plan is to define the specific strategic objectives and actions that will lead to particular projects. By analysing  the strategic axes one by one, the direction to be followed towards the progress of the strategic plan was given. In this manner the four strategic objectives were drawn:

  1. The development and promotion of the geographical location and infrastructure of the wider Larnaka, including the energy centre at Vasiliko, so that the city will attract financial activities (energy infrastructure, commerce, logistics, industry, services, tourism, education).
  2. The development and promotion of the comparative advantage of LarnaKa, as the only city which combines the presence of airport, harbor, marina along with its crucial geographic location that minimizes the distances between any other area of Cyprus, in order to become the epicentre of economic activities (trade, industry, warehouses, tourism).
  3. The use of the comparative advantages to promote Larnaka as ‘city option’ for living in conditions of equality, equal opportunities, security, viable and sustainable development.
  4. The strengthening and development of specialised tourism.

For each strategic axis and objectives certain actions were recorded that in turn led to many specific projects. At this stage the local team along with the technical team of the Municipality of Larnaka evaluate for final selection of works to be done in all phases of strategic planning in the near and distant future.

The strategic objectives and actions / projects are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle that will shape the new image of Larnaka and its challenging future as determined through local, national and regional socio-economic factors.