The power of new capacity building programmes to exchange experiences on successful urban waste management models to move towards a Zero Waste Mediterranean


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The instability of our current linear motto to make-use-dispose model is accelerating the hunger for the implementation of more circular practices. Particularly in the Mediterranean region, where North and South waste management realities are so contrasting, there is the need to build mechanisms to exchange experiences to speed up the transition towards a Zero Waste Mediterranean. In this context, Med4Waste project aims to facilitate new governance models for urban solid waste management and for this reason different capacity building materials have been created thanks to a transnational collaboration approach. As such, this online event aims to be an important opportunity to maximise the dissemination of this work and have a multi-level impact by enhancing mutual learning opportunities. This webinar will showcase the most relevant waste management practices developed by the 5 Med4Waste capitalised projects (REUSEMED, DECOST, CLIMA, MEDINA, and CEOMED). In addition, the event will be key to explain and promote the capacity building and transfer material developed through a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to share knowledge on local problems, solutions and initiatives, and targeted Mentoring Schemes providing guidance and technical support to six sub-national public authorities in charge of planning, collecting, and managing waste in southern Mediterranean countries. Other programmes similar initiatives and collaborations will be highlighted.

Date and place
8 June 2023, Online


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