Exchange session on Urban Agendas in the Mediterranean


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The Directorate General of Urban Agenda and Renovation of the Catalan Government (Generalitat de Catalunya), in collaboration with MedCities, is organising a conference to discuss urban agendas as a multi-level governance model for strategic planning.

This session is an opportunity to learn about different strategies and good practices in sustainable urban-rural and territorial development planning from around the Mediterranean. Sub-state, regional and local public authorities will present their strategic planning instruments and discuss the challenges and opportunities for their implementation. The focus of the conference is to identify shared challenges and tools, so the aim is to involve technical officers who can provide practical information on how to draw up and implement an urban agenda.  Some of MedCities member cities are invited to the session (concrete members tbc)

Ultimately, this conference is intended as a starting point for identifying and establishing channels for medium- and long-term collaboration between municipalities, associations of municipalities and regional/sub-state governments throughout the Mediterranean, to debate, reflect, and work on urban agendas.

Date and place
27 June – Barcelona


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