The project «Fighting against school failure» is one of the initiatives for the improvement of welfare for the citizens of Sousse, inscribed into a larger program against poverty, started by the City Council through the project for the definition of an Urban Development Strategy (UDS).

Starting from the fact that school failure is both a cause and an aftermath of poverty, it was decided to try to tackle this issue through a pilot project that favors interaction between different structures at the city level and enhances public/private cooperation, always in order to help pupils with difficulties. The project consists in providing pedagogic guidance to pupils in risk at the Kheireddine School so that they are able to regain normal school standards. It is also about proposing sport and cultural activities, in parallel to the scholar weekly schedule.

Kheireddine Bacha School in Sousse is in one of the most crowded and disadvantaged neighborhoods of the city, « Cité Ghodrane ». The center, opened in 1983, has today more than 800 pupils from three districts of Sousse: « Cité Matar », « Cité El Oued » y « Cité el Gaz ». 37 teachers take care of the boys in 13 rooms, and there are 26 courses from Preliminary to sixth grade.

Failure rate in Kheireddine School is one of the highest in the city. Apart from the poor conditions of the school, the socio-economic conditions of the families are also precarious, many times they are obliged to send their children to income generating activities such as,for example, picking up plastics, rather than to school. Similarly, lack of support to teachers provokes anxiety and frequent doubts among the staff.

In this context, and within the framework of the “City Development Strategy”, the City Council has proposed to the principal the implementation of a pilot project that includes tutoring students during the holidays and throughout the school year, the provision for students and parents of a cell pédopsychologique and psychotherapeutic assistance and the establishment of cultural and sporting activities.

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