Seminar ENSERES in Sarajevo: Reversing biodiversity loss in urban environments in a context of climate crisis: ecosystems approach and nature-based solutions


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In the framework of MedCities’ General Assembly, the association brings its members a seminar linked to the ENSERES project, in which medCities has been involved.

There is a growing number of transferable experiences and tools for theapplication of integrated governance and management approaches in the case of both cities and
protected areas. This would be the experience of Sfax (Tunisia) and Tyre (Lebanon) in their participation in the project ENSERES “ENhancing Socio-Ecological RESilience in Mediterranean
coastal areas”.

Sharing experiences alike will help identifying adaptable, transferable solutions to apply at local level to build resilience at Mediterranean scale. To sustain this approach in time
it is essential to integrate it in the work plan of existing networks and to reinforce the connections among them. With this aim, MedCities and the Mediterranean Marine Protected
Areas (MPA) managers’ network, MedPAN, will share the recently agreed Memorandum of Understanding to build cooperation and align positions in relevant policy processes.

Objective of the seminar:
– Highlighting the collaborative successes achieved among protected area and city stakeholders for enhancing socio-ecological resilience levels along the Mediterranean coast.
– Sharing local transferable experiences in applying NbS and EBM experiences to blue andgreen infrastructure.
– Identifying MedCities members’ priorities to address through the Working Groups on “Coastal cities” and “Planning green cities”.

Event upon invitation, only for MedCities members and ENSERES partners

Agenda English // Agenda Français

Date and place
22 November


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