Lead partners seminar for Governance projects of the new Interreg Euro Med programme


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Steering committee meeting for the new approved MedCities project Community4LivingAreas from the new Interreg Euro Med Programme.


On 18th January 2023, the Joint Secretariat is pleased to invite all Lead Partners of approved Governance Projects (GP) and their project partners to a Lead Partner Seminar in Marseille, France.

With 8 Governance projects approved by the end of 2022, the objective is to gather the Joint Secretariat, the National Contact Points and the GP partners in order to: meet each other, be informed of and exchange on the Governance projects content and start working on common action plans; exchange on JS/NCP/GP needs and expectations and present support tools and activities; kick-off the JS/GP/NCP Coordination group.

Date and place
Marseille, 18 and 19 January 2023

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