The Municipality of Larnaca carried out a workshop on 28th of February 2013 at PA College, in Larnaca. Fifty participants attended this event.

The program implementation was undertaken by the Local Team of external experts who are employed by Larnaca Municipality for this purpose. The Local Team, together with the Municipal Service presented infprmation with regards the anthropogenic infrastructure of the city and the district of Larnaca.

The infrastructure of Larnaca District was presented such as: the electric power grid, water supply, sewerage and storm water sewage system, the petroleum storage terminals, the proposed energy centre, the airport and the port of Larnaca, transfers etc.

The workshop would not have had the same value without the substantial presence and input of government representatives, semi-government and non-governmental organizations and independent entities as well as their substantial contributions, comments and opinions in the discussion that followed the presentation.

The Mayor of Larnaca, Mr. Andreas Louroutziatis also attended the presentation and his involvement was extremely supportive and valuable.