The Strategic Plan of Larnaca integrates conclusions of the diagnostic report, specifies public and private actions and establishes a coherent mobilization framework for the cooperation of urban social actors. The Strategic Urban Planning process is the basis for the viability of the objectives and actions proposed.

The implementation of the USUDS program has been assigned to a Working Team, which consists of qualified officers of the Municipal Service and external experts, who are employed by the Larnaca Municipality and are funded by the program for this purpose. Josep A. Acebillo was called to assess Larnaca in its urban transformation endeavors as an international expert in urban strategies.

The first step was to map the present situation of the city. The Larnaca Working Team debated and approved a diagnosis of the city largely based on its specific characteristics and geographical location. In order to determine the current state of Larnaca regarding various and numerous fields and sectors, a SWOT analysis was conducted, taking under consideration both the internal and the external determining factors. The First Diagnostic Report was distributed to Larnaca Steering Committee for approval. This committee, which consists of representatives from government, semi-government, non-governmental organizations and independent bodies, is the driving force behind the program, and the main decision-making body during the project.

Based on the diagnosis and its previous versions, conclusions, strengths and weaknesses, the next step was the creation of plausible future scenarios and visions for Larnaca, the evaluation and election of the most predominant ones and their presentation to the Steering Committee for approval. The Larnaca Working Team clearly linked the vision statement with the various deliverables of the USUDS project, i.e. proved that the SWOT analysis was consistent with the analysis of the area; the vision identified was compatible with the Diagnosis. Under the urban guidance of the International Expert, Mr. Josep A. Acebillo, Larnaca will be transformed into a Gateway, an Energy Hub, a Specialized Tourist Destination and a Family City. Larnaca Vision founded the methodology that produced the Strategic Axes and Objectives which would later define the Strategic Projects.

Currently, each Strategic Axis is being dealt with separately, designing a detailed list of necessary and/or advisable projects. Once the results have been consolidated a prioritized list of projects will be available from which a selection will be made. The final step is the elaboration of an action plan that includes the agents involved, timing and resources.