On May 17th, MedCities participated in “We Are MED” event organised by the Interreg Med Programme in Alicante.

Representatives from the 69 projects financed by the Interreg MED Programme were gathered in a community event in order to work together to go beyond thematic communities. The communities will work on blue growth, green growth, social and creative industries, efficient buildings, renewable energy, urban transports, sustainable tourism, and biodiversity protection. This event focused primarily on methodologies and identification of commonalities that will allow building a strong Interreg MED community on the following years.

MedCities participated in the event as partner of the two capitalisation projects that the network is currently implementing; GO-SUMP on sustainable urban mobility and PANACeA on biodiversity protection. The event allowed us to work together with other capitalisation projects in order to find synergies and common interests as well as to better understand the different projects financed under MED Programme and which will feed the relative thematic communities with their activities.

Also, steering committee meetings were held within the partnership of PANACeA and Go-SUMP; and community building meetings took place with the projects that participate in the Biodiversity and the SUMP community respectively in order to advance the strategy definition and to validate the action plan for the following months.