Tripoli municipality launched its action plan for the coming years.

On May 26th, 2017, Tripoli municipality launched its action plan for the coming years in a press conference at the Quality Inn Hotel. The action plan was presented through a 20 minutes video clip that was realized specially for the event and embodied the five components of the action plan which dealt with most of the priorities of the city and the aspirations of the people of Tripoli and are 1) the administrative organization and planning, 2) the improvement of the quality of life, 3) the urbanization and infrastructure, 4) the social dimension and, 5) the economic dimension.

1. The administrative organization and planning component includes the following five axes, a) reorganization and development of the municipal administration to raise efficiency and productivity and the level of services accompanied by sound management of resources and activation of oversight, b) Updating of the AL Fayhaa 2020 strategic plan and the Tripoli Master plan, c) Improving the image of the city of Tripoli and addressing the media distortion , d) Cooperation with the universities to define the challenges and identify the needs and possible solutions, e) elaboration of a Disaster Management Plan

2. The improvement of the quality of life component includes four axes, a) Traffic, parking and public transport, b) cleanness of streets and environment, c) beautifying the city through gardens and through rehabilitation of roundabouts d) organization of the street vendors and fleet market.

3. The urbanization and infrastructure component includes three axes, a) rehabilitation of infrastructure, b) rehabilitation of the Medina (historic city) and Abu Ali river, c ( development of the sportive infrastructure.

4. The social dimension component includes four axes, a) public health, b) managing the school dropout, c) supporting of people with special needs, d) protection of childhood and combat child abuse.

5. The economic dimension includes four axes, a) promote tourism, b) following up of Tripoli projects and frozen economic facilities, c) supporting the artisanal sector, d) reviving the Tripolitan light industries.

The promising Action Plan of Tripoli is a milestone for the new programming period and projects implementation of the city. MedCities will support and contribute to its deployment through technical projects and activities together with the Mediterranean cities of the network by the coordination of Al-Fayhaa KTC.