The objective of the session was to inform and discuss the Strategies of Larnaca Sustainable Development

The Municipality of Larnaca and the Larnaca Local Team attended the Training Seminar, which took place in Larnaca on 12th and 13th of December 2012.


The partners of the project from Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, Fundación CIEDES and Urban Community of Al Fayhaa presented the following topics:


1.    USUDS methodology;

2.    Social participation and cooperation;

3.    Instruments and policies for Urban Sustainable Development Strategies.

4.    Relevant complementary actions (i.e. Specific studies, Visibility actions, Publications)

5.    Barcelona Metropolitan Area support as USUDS project leader (i.e. Technological Platform, Project coordination, General methodological harmonisation, Implementation support)

6.    Strategic planning process, results and lessons learned from Knowledge Transfer Centers (KTCs)


The International Expert, Mr. Josep Acebillo, lectured about the preliminary reactions upon the presentations of Larnaca Local Team.