On December 16th-18th, Tripoli held the training workshop for the KTCs of Sfax and Al Fayhaa as territorial antennas of MedCities. 

With the finalisation of USUDS, MedCities starts the project of consolidating the structures of the Knowledge Transfer Centres, as the regional antennas of the MedCities Network in the Maghreb and Mashreq areas. This project is financed by the Municipality of Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, together with the Municipality of Sfax and the Urban Community of Al Fayhaa.

The aim of the workshop was to reinforce the KTC staff in order to undertake tasks of representation of MedCities in the region and to identify needs and projects of the members of the network. To know more about the agenda, click here.

The training workshop was given by Mr. Alfons Segura, MedCities International Expert, and Albert Sorrossal, EU funds expert, that conducted the sessions and guided the debates. The main issues that were shared and discussed were about project management, the role and objectives of the KTCs in the MedCities network, funds opportunities and preparation of proposals to achieve financial support. Mr. Oriol Barba, Project Manager at MedCities General Secretariat, offered a technical training on the activities to undertake during the project as well as on practical issues relative to its implementation.

During the first day of the training, the technical staff of the Urban Community of Al Fayhaa and MedCities General Secretariat undertook an all-day working session on the activities of the project. The second day was dedicated to the drafting and presentation of projects to international calls and it was open to other Lebanese cities members of the network. Thirty people participated in the training, representing 9 different cities of the network (Jezzine, Dannieh, Byblos, Saida, Tripoli, El Mina, UC of Al Fayhaa, Sfax and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona).