The Knowledge Transfer Center of Sfax (KTC Sfax), in collaboration with the city of Sfax, the city of Grenoble and the civil society, organized a training session for the municipal technical staff on the subject of accessibility in the framework of the “Accessibility Week” celebrated in Sfax from 11 to 19 November 2016.

Twenty people attended this session. The participants were representatives of  7 communities of the Grand Sfax, the Municipality of Mahdia, Monastir and Gabes, and  also second-year students from the Master in Urbanism from  the University of Grenoble.

The program of this training session was very fruitful.

During the morning:

  • A visit on site conceived as an exercise for modelling the behaviour of the disabled people and the blind in order to test their sensations and quantify the level of accessibility in the center of the city of Sfax
  • After the visit, there was a power point presentation in the Medina district conducted by Mr. Hervé Buisser to show the experience of the city of Grenoble in this matter as well as the new techniques adopted.

During the afternoon:

  • Some aplication exercises were made for 3 projects: municipal theater, City Hall and a roundabout in the bypass n°4 on the Sidi Manosur road.
  • There were discussions and exchanges of points of view about the 3 projects among the different working groups.

This activity is conceived as a citizen action aimed to raise awareness among the technicians and politicians on the importance of accessibility in everyday life. In addition it’s an action of solidarity towards people with reduced mobility.

Source: KTC Sfax