On April 10th-12th, the USUDS Platform Managers of the project met in Barcelona in order to carry out the training for the Beta version of the Platform

The USUDS Platform Managers from the seven cities of the USUDS Project met in Barcelona during three days to attend the training on the different applications of the platform. The meeting was an important milestone in the launching of the Beta version of the Platform and was an opportunity to coordinate the actions of all partners involved in the project.

During the first two days of the training, which was held in the premises of the company which has developed the Platform (Lavínia Interactiva), the Platform Managers learnt how to use the different applications of the Platform. The last day was reserved to work together on strategic issues and the design of the future actions of the network.

In the coming months, all partners will engage in a collective initiative to update the platform and create new contents in order to present the final version of the Platform after the summer. 

The creation of a IT Platform dedicated to P2P learning and dissemination of city strategic thinking is one of the most relevant deliveries of the USUDS project, together with the CDS currently under development in Larnaka, Sousse and Saida.