Last 15th and 16th of December 2014, Mohamed Idaomar, President of Tetuan Urban Community and MedCities President, participated in the MedConfederatoion Working Groups organized by the IEMED in Barcelona. Taking this opportunity, Mohamed Idaomar met Xavier Trias, mayor of the Municipality of Barcelona, to sign a protocol of friendship and cooperation between both cities. Joan Parpal, Secretary General of MedCities, and Joaquim Llimona, Commissioner of International Relations and Cooperation of the Municipality of Barcelona, attended the meeting. 

Barcelona and Tetuan maintain relations since many years and the collaboration between political and technical responsible of both cities has increased continuously in the last years. Aside from the relation within the MedCities Network, the Barcelona Plan for International Cooperation for Development, Solidarity and Peace 2013-2016, sets Tetuan as a cooperation priority.

With this Protocol of Friendship and Cooperation that will last four years, Barcelona and Tetuan wish to strengthen their relationship and to promote institutional development and modernization of the local administration. These objectives will be achieved through the implementation of programs aimed at promoting local development and empowering local actors capacities in order to achieve an inclusive and sustainable urban planning.

The Municipalities of Tetuan and Barcelona are committed to continue working to strengthen and promote the association of cities Medcities, and to identify projects of common interest with other members of the network.

A Monitoring Committee with representatives from both municipalities will be the responsible to define and follow up the actions arising from the protocol.