Jbeil-Byblos is a city of the Casa of Jbeil which elaborated recently a strategy. This strategy was elaborated with the support of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities.

On May 14 2013, a meeting was held in the Municipality of Jbeil-Byblos between the responsibles of the KTC Al Fayhaa and the Municipality of Byblos. From Al Fayhaa, Ms. Dima Homsi, Director of the UC of Al Fayhaa, Ms Rawia Sakari, USUDS Coordinator and Mr. Abdallah Abdul Wahab, Technological Platform Consultant of the KTC of Al Fayhaa took part. From the Municipality of Byblos, Mr. Ayoub Bark, Deputy Mayor and Ms Nawja Bassil, Municipal Council Member, also attended the meeting.

Jbeil-Byblos is a city of the Casa of Jbeil whichelaborated recently a strategy. This strategy was elaborated with the support of the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities. 

Al Fayhaa explained to the two council members the objectives of USUDS, the mission of the KTC and how the USUDS platform will function and were given a document in English and arabic explaining the whole process of Best Practices identification.

Both parts showed clear interests to continue copperating and to share information and best practices in the near future. This is one of the communication actions the KTC of Al Fayhaa is carrying out as part of its mission to work for dissemination and awareness of urban strategic thinking in the region.