The project is an evaluation and an update of the Plan Communale de Développement for the period 2011-2016. It has been aproved on September 2013.

The update of the Tetouan PCD (Plan Communal de Développement) is a project funded by the Barcelona Provincial Council and the other partners that are developping it. Is a project with the participation of Josep Maria Pascual Esteve, director of Urban Quality Strategies (EQU) and USUDS expert on public policy and urban strategic planning. The coordination is carried out by AERYC (America-Europe Association of Regions and Cities), and technical assistance is offered by the team of  Medcities General Secretariat, a part of  the Àrea Metropilatana de Barcelona (AMB).

The project is focused on the evaluation and reprogramming of the strategic plan, and the presentation of the Action Plan for the period 2011-2016.  This project complements another initiative from Fundación CIEDES about the follow-up and the update of the Tetouan Strategic Plan. This is an evidence of the importance of the coordination between the different actors involved in a City Strategic Plan.

The technical assistance offered by AERYC, EQU and the General Secretariat team of MedCités, will be based on training and advice actions to the local team to identify the challenges on economical, social, territorial, sustainability and governance issues.  For this reason, the project defines a participative process that involves different stakeholders to integrate the demands of the population in order to define and develop the actions.

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