Sousse has identified the need to improve the management of the electricity and lighting in municipal buildings. This strategic area is part of a more comprehensive approach of the City Development Strategy of Sousse developed under the project USUDS.

On 21 and 22 May a technical mission was conducted by the City of Marseille to identify concrete needs of Sousse in relation to the management of public lighting, and implement technical assistance through the following thematic cooperation:

The development of a multi-year program of investment in the dimensions of the lighting, energy , construction , and improvement of existing, including :

  • The Building Management System (BMS )
  • Centralized technical management
  • New technologies (new generation of lamps)
  • Regulatory aspects (saving energy security)
  • Methodology for investment planning,
  • Definition of the overall cost

Developing a maintenance schedule built heritage and public lighting on the energy issue, and in particular:

Optimization of subscription contracts with dealers,

  • Staff training,
  • Communication plan to the users,
  • Regulatory aspects,
  • Planning,
  • The organization of services,
  • Maintenance contracts,
  • Maintenance tools

The delegation was understood by Mr. Philippe Giard, Jacques M. Huser , M. Raoul Icard General Delegation Value of equipment ( AED) of the City of Marseille and Mr. Frédéric Olivo, the Department of International Relations. Visits of municipal facilities, including sports facilities in schools, administrative buildings and cultural buildings, were made ​​to know the concrete needs.