MedCities, with the support of the Multi Donor Trust Fund of the Center for Mediterranean Integration, the Municipality of Barcelona and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, has launched a technical assistance and pilot project for improving the waste management in the old city (medina) of Sfax, through elaboration an analysis and action plan for waste recollection and separation in the proximity of the Medina.

This Technical Assistance Project has been identified together with the Municipality of Sfax and the MedCities Knowledge Transfer Centre of Sfax, based on the City Development Strategy of Grand Sfax and the work undertaken by the CoMun Program of the GIZ for the definition of municipal plans for waste management.

The proposed project is based on 3 elements:

  • The elaboration of a participatory analysis on the improvement of waste management in the Medina of Sfax. The analysis aims to develop a diagnosis and master plan on waste management and recollection sites within the medina. It is based on a participatory approach, with the involvement of local stakeholders of the medina and other stakeholders for waste management issues
  • A short-term pilot project on waste management, including selective recollection and promotion of recycling, among the professionals of the handicraft sector in the Medina. This short-term experimentation aims at strengthening the sensitisation of the handicraft sector and fostering corporate environmental responsibility. 
  • The exchange of experiences and best practices on waste management, with other Tunisian cities and local actors. A knowledge-sharing workshop will be organised at the end of the project in order to foster the capitalisation of its results, the exchange of best practices and promote sectoral dialogue among the cities of Tunisia. Such exchange will be done under the frame of the CoMun Programme in Tunisia and the waste management network of Tunisian cities (WAMA-NET).

This short-term project has been launched in the beginning of May and will be finalised by the end of June 2015.