The Intercultural Cities Network of Morocco was established during a meeting held on the 3 March 2016, at the Municipality of Tanger

Elected representatives from 12 Moroccan cities and administrative staff in charge of cooperation, participated at the opening event. The meeting was held in the framework of the Cooperation Program with Moroccan cities initiated by the Democratic Governance Division of the Council of Europe.

This Moroccan network is fully inspired by the values of the Intercultural Cities Program and works for an inclusive urban governance and advocates for migrant’s rights to live in Moroccan cities. This includes, of course, the right to receive basic services provided by municipalities.

The network is fully committed, as stated in the Tanger declaration, to promote the values of tolerance, cultural diversity and to fight against all forms of exclusion and xenophobia. On this basis, the network is currently developing relations of cooperation and partnership with the stakeholders of the civil society sharing the same values.

At an institutional level, the Intercultural Cities Network of Morocco is coordinated by a Committee chaired by Mr. Bachir Abdellaoui, mayor of Tanger and by its General Secretary Mr Zaidi Aziz.  The coordination committee held a working meeting with all its members in order to discuss and approve the action program for the next two years.  During the meeting, a Cooperation Agreement based on the exchange of expertise regarding urban management on migration issues, was also signed with the homologue Spanish network, represented by his president Mr Daniel Torres.

The Moroccan network will be continue engaged in the Intercultural Cities Program with its participation at the international meeting in San Sebastian, next 27 and 28 of October. The discussions of this meeting will focus on how to fight prejudices towards religious minorities. Four members of the network will participate.  

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