The TangerAccueil project was presented on June 26th at the occasion of the MC2CM Targeted City Actions Webinar Series. The recording of the session will soon be available on YouTube. 

MedCities described how the project is responding to the challenges identified by the Tangier city profile in relation to migrant’s access to basic services and the articulation of civil society organisations and associations providing support to migrants on the field. The project has already interviewed up to 60 different entities working with migrants in the city, more than a half of which are local civil society organisations working with children and providing first-aid assistance. TangerAccueil puts the city council of Tangier at the centre of the local response to these needs by promoting the setting up of a one-shop stop for migrants and the city’s migration council. The city council will benefit from the knowledge and experience of a peer in the region, the city council of Barcelona.