The KTC of Alfayhaa has elaborated an study report that analyses Urban Deveolpment Strategies in the Mashreq.

This report is a result of the project USUDS on Urban Sustainable Development Strategies in the Mediterranean and especially of the work undertaken by the Knowledge Transfer Centre of Al Fayhaa during the project.

The study represents the analysis of a number of urban development strategies in different Mediterranean countries, such as Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt and Turkey.

In concrete, the following strategies have been analysed:

–  Al Fayhaa Sustainable Development strategy, Lebanon.

– Strategic Development Plan of Dannieh Region, Lebanon.

– Karak City Development Strategy, Jordan.

– Mafraq City Development Strategy, Jordan.

– Al Khalil City Development Strategy, Palestine.

– Alexandria Governorate Development strategy, Egypt.

– Cairo Governorate Development Strategy, Egypt.

– Larnaca Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development, Cyprus

– Izmir Creativity and Innovation Strategy, Turkey

The criteria for selecting these cities vary: the recent development of the strategy (2004-2014) was a prerequisite; other issues taken into consideration were the importance and size of the city or the existence of exceptional circumstances in some of these cities such as the influx of Syrian refugees.

Apart from a descriptive presentation of the different strategies analysed by the report, there is also a set of general recommendations regarding the urban development strategies as well as some remarks regarding the following aspects:

–          Orientations towards development strategies:

–          Impact of strategies

–          Methodologies:

–          Partnership:

–          Funding

–          Strategies Updating

–          Project Financing

–          Donor trends, current situation and future challenges in the geographic region