The KTC of Sfax launched a tender for the development of a study aiming at the cultural and touristic value of the buildings in the medina of Sfax. This is an activitie foreseen in the project of Consolidation of the KTCs, funded by the Municipality of Barcelona and Barcelona Metropolitan Area

The first phase of this study involves the elaboration of a database of the buildings to be valued in the Medina of Sfax.This falls into the objective of saving the city’s identity as a socio-economic element and the role that the historic town centre of Sfax can play in the city branding.

Therefore, three approaches have been adopted during diagnosis: patrimonial approach, urban approach and lastly the economic cultural approach.

This study seeks to valorize the buildings with established patrimonial value in the Medina of Sfax. It is part of the objective of revitalizing the Medina with specific actions adopted which is the goal of the second stage. In this phase, an action has been set up in order to valorize the most appropriate buildings and to establish new urban dynamics able to change the functional content of the Medina and save the units of residential furniture recongnised by its architectural, cultural and touristic richness.

For that purpose, a seminar was organised the last 31 March, to share the outcomes of the study. It took place at the Conservation Association of the Medina of Sfax (ASM Sfax) with a significant presence of various stakeholders and civil society that  demonstrated their wills to succeed and help to the execution of the program.

Participants emphasised the need of saving and preserving this important historical heritage into an arab medina completely surrounded by slim ramparts that asks for a continuous maintenance.

Bellow, you can find the final version of the study.