From last 22 to 26 March 2016, there were two awareness sessions at the cities of Kairouan and M’saken respectively, in order to establish a strategic planification system, both organized by the KTC of Sfax linked to MedCities in parternship with the communities

Those sessions were aimed at showing the importance of strategic planification at the level of Tunisian towns, especially when the country is about to launch the decentralization process. To this end the KTC has launched this sessions aimed at sharing the experiences of Sousse and Sfax in the deveolpment of their City Strategy and its results and benefits. The seminar was also the opportunity to share the assessment and updating perspectives of the Grand Sfax Strategy that began in 12 March, with a discussion seminar.

In this context, experts made presentations that were followed by debates held by local and regional authorities and citizens, in order to clarify and better understand the methodology. 

In Kairouan, the recommendations arisen from these sessions were as follows:

  • the need to disseminate this experience for small municipalities in the region;
  • to adopt a participative approach between the municipality, the administrations and the civil society;
  • accelerate the introduction of the law of partnership between the public and private sectors (3P) in order to promote the development of the city
  • to accelerate the identification of sector working groups and engage in the implementation of a strategic development plan for the city of Kairouan

In the case of M’saken, local and central decision-makers expressed their commitment to help the city in achieving this strategy, by providing technical assistance. It is also remarkable the initiative of a local association called M’Saken 2050 in order to coordinate this operation with the civil society, regional authorities, experts, academics and citizens. Their aim is to develop a sustainable collective approach and to set priorities in order to have a shared vision on the city and facilitate economic growth, taking into consideration its environment.

Opportunities have been evoked towards a better coordination with MedCities considering his experience in the field of sustainable strategic planning.