Last 27th and 28th of January, MedCities participated in a High level seminar cycle on urban and territorial development in the Mediterranean, organised by AVITEM in Marseille in the framework of the second annual Meetings focused on Strategic planning in Mediterranean metropolis. 

The AViTeM’s Meetings are an initiative of the Agency for sustainable Mediterranean cities and territories that aim to establish a structured dialogue with its Mediterranean partners on governance and urban territorial politics implemented.

The opening symposium held on the 27th presented the central topic of the 2015’s session: Strategic planning in the metropolis of the Mediterranean. The session aimed to debate on the issue of strategic planning and sustainable development in the Mediterranean and the actors involved. In this framework, the Director of Strategic Planning of the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, Hector Santcovsky, shared the experience of Barcelona in a round table called “City and urban planning in the Mediterranean”.

The purpose of the second day was to analyse, from a more scientific point of view, models and tools for good governance of Mediterranean Metropolis. This study day lead to question the place of the institutional “builders” in Mediterranean cities and it focused on the metropolisation that make rethink the city’s classical limits, the intercommunalities development, the evolution of relations between cities, intermediate levels of territorial authorities and governments, but also association of territory actors and development of indicators for the modernization of the evaluation of territorial public action. In the session “Building territorial governance”, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona was presented as an innovative model in the Mediterranean.

This High level seminar will continue during the 2015 with the celebration of three seminars, in Tunis, Casablanca and Nice, focused on the same topic.

To have more information on the event, please consult the agenda or visit AVITEM webpage.