Last 30 and 31 January there was the first working meeting of this project boosted by the AERYC (Association America-Europe of Regions and Cities) and financed by the Barcelona Provincial Council. The team of this project also includes the MedCities network.

The projects seeks to give assistance to the Urban Community of Tetuan in order to update the Communal Development Plan (PCD). 

This assistance is based on training, advice and support to the Municipality so the global assessment of the PCD in force can be made, the identification and build-up of its indicators, the impulse of the participative process of reflection, the formulation of a new Action Plan and organize a training stage in Barcelona. Other aspects of the project include the development of studies on the territory and the incorporation of the results of the PCD into the USUDS platform.

On this first meeting, the president of the Urban Community of Tetuan, M. Idaomar, president at the same time of the MedCities network, emphasised the important contribution that the PCD represents to the well-being of the citizens of his city. In this framework he considered the indispensable information to the citizens at the start-up and day-to-day work of the participative process of the project. The working teams got formed in this mission.

A second mission has been done last 3 and 4 April focused on the indicators as assessment criteria of the results of the PCD in force.