MedCities contributes in the conference on energy efficiency held on last 5-6 April in Tunisia, including national and international actors, both public and private, there was a debate on the acceleration of the implementation of the programs of the strategy adopted in 2016 for the energy transition of the country.

With the objective of informing about the aims and measures taken in order to promote energy efficiency, to exchange successful international experiences and to discuss the recommendations made for the acceleration of the national programs on energy efficiency, the conference organized by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Renewable Energies (MEMER) and the National Agency for the Energy Expertise (ANME) with the support of the UNDP, assembled  nearly 300 attendants from all organizations concerned.

MedCities has contributed to this debate by emphasizing the importance of the territorialisation of the national strategy, favoring exchanges with international experiences, specifically with the participation of an expert from Barcelona, who explained the strategy to promote energy efficiency in the cities of the province within the framework of the Covenant of Mayors.

In addition, the MedCities representative in Tunisia participated in the roundtable placing the emphasis on the role of municipalities in the processes of energy transition. This role depends on the implementation of projects of energy efficiency but also on its role as regulator and educator in order to encourage the change in behaviors.