The Municipality of Marseille and the Municipality of Sousse have submitted a cooperation project to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for funding under the Support Fund of decentralised cooperation between France and Tunisia in 2014. This cooperation project is the result of the technical assistance that the city of Marseille has offered to the city of Sousse in the frame of the USUDS project.

The project will focus on the Elaboration of a strategy of energy efficiency for the city of Sousse, especially with regards to urban lighting and public buildings. Also, it will include a consultancy process by the city of Marseille that will generate a list of recommendations to be put in practice in a pilot project funded by the city of Sousse. The transfer of know-how by Marseille is based on its experience in operating the second Public Lighting Park of France and in implementing a lighting plan for the development of the patrimony of historic buildings in the City, among other activities on public lighting.

The project will include the following three parts:

  • Diagnosis, including: A diagnosis of the governance that will deal particularly with the administrative and organizational dimensions. A technical diagnosis that will describe the state of the equipment and carry out an audit.
  • Analysis: An analysis of the results of the diagnosis open to project stakeholders (technicians, elected officials, state agencies, academic, business, civil society …) and in the presence of European experts.
  • Action plan and pilot project: The definition of short, medium and long term projects, the preparation of project sheets and the put in practice of the new guidelines in two pilot sites of the city.

The project will be implemented in partnership with the Environment and Energy Management Agency in France (ADEME), the National Agency for Energy Conservation (ANME), the National Heritage Institute and the «We love Sousse» Association in Tunisia and in the frame of the active participation of both cities in MedCities network and in international initiatives on energy efficiency.

This collaboration is an example of how the elaboration of a City Development Strategy can give birth to strengthen cooperation with other cities of the network through the elaboration of an action plan to implement some of the projects of the CDS.