The city of Sousse and the city of Marseille, started designing a plan for energy efficiency in street lighting. This cooperation came about as a partnership between the two cities in the framework of the USUDS project and the Medcities network.

From June 28 until the first of July, the city of Marseille has accomplished a technical mission in order to work with Sousse municipal services in the phases of diagnostic and governance of the project, presented for funding to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France.

The diagnostic focuses on the Médina district and on all municipal buildings of Sousse. The technical assessment will include:

  • Diagnostic of street lighting (lighting points) of the Médina 
  • Diagnostic for developing 4 buildings at the Médina: the ramparts, la Grande Mosquée, the Casbah and the Ribat.
  • Technical diagnostics for energy optimization of 40 municipal buildings of the City, regrouped in packs.

The delegation has also worked on the governance of the project that will adopt a public-private governance model, with the presence of the main stakeholders, launched by Sousse for his Development Strategy and the implemented structuring projects. The participative approach and the support from civil society are one of Sousse’s priorities for the implementation of his strategic projects.

In this way, the city of Sousse wants to integrate the “energy efficiency” into all their new projects, such as the urban reclassification of the Médina, the extension and renewal of the public lighting, the projects for promoting cultural heritage and also the project for building an energy-efficient municipal swimming pool, with energetic, architectural and thermal auditors, a project for solar heated water, fuel replacement and a solar energy installation.