A memorandum of collaboration was signed on 15th April between the municipalities of Sidon and Barcelona, both members of MedCities, in order to jumpstart a number of development projects in the southern capital as part of the Saida Urban Sustainability Development Strategy. 

Saida Mayor Mohammad Saudi, headed a municipal delegation to Barcelona, in order to sign the agreement with Barcelona Mayor Xavier Trias i Vidal de Llobatera. Based on the agreement, the municipality of Barcelona will help Sidon with the plan to rehabilitate and improve its shoreline.

We announce the news to our people in Sidon, that they have a date with a new batch of developmental and touristic projects“, Saudi said upon his return.

According to the agreement, “the purpose [ ….] is to implement a program of cooperation to promote institutional development, modernise the administration and improve the management of basic services, as well as collaborate for the technological development that helps to increase the welfare of the citizens of both cities.”

The areas of co-operation, training and exchange will be related to the following issues:

  • Management and treatment of public space, landscape and green areas
  • Promotion of programs and projects of student exchanges between the Universities of Barcelona and Saida.
  • Technical Assistance and projects related to the reuse of rainwater collected both in the streets and from the rooftops of the city. In this respect, activities and projects of South to South cooperation could be proposed under the Medcities network.
  • Accompaniment of Programs for Entrepreneurs for the residents, on activities related to the touristic sector and the improvement of urban touristic activities.
  • Accompaniment and Technical Assistance on the Project for the Rehabilitation and Redevelopment of the fishing port of Saida.
  • Development of the Observatory of Urban Development of Saida
  • Sustainable and renewable energy projects.
  • Projects related to youth, whether health, education, sports and cultural. Especially in this area there could be proposals of South to South projects.

The agreement foresees the approval of an annual work plan on the activities to undertake and promotes closer cooperation through the MedCities network, especially for South to South cooperation projects.