Next 5 March, Medcities and its Knowledge Transfer Centre in Sfax, in partnership with the GiZ/CMI CoMun program, are organising a workshop to raise awareness among civil society and the residents of the Medina in Sfax, about the importance of waste recycling and management

The workshop is the result of a study to improve waste management developed during the technical assistance setup in both Chefchaouen (Morocco) and Sfax (Tunisia) to help improve good governance.

This workshop aims to inform main stakeholders about the new eco-point to be created in the Medina of Sfax as a result of the previous technical assistance, to raise awareness about the importance of waste recycling and to encourage citizen’s involvement in the waste management process.

Programme of the event

09.00 – 09:30


09.30- 10.00

Cofee break













10.00 -12.00






Opening of the general presentation

(Moderator Mr. Mounir Mehdi)

(Rapporteurs Mr. Taoufik Megdiche, Firas Kammoun)

· Words of welcome of the Président de la Délégation Spéciale

· Medcities Presentation: goals and activities (Rafik Oualha)


Presentations :


 Presentation 1 : State of affairs of the Sfax medina: Activities, Management and problems related (Association de sauvegarde de la Médina ASM) (Mr. Abdelmajid Koubaa)


Presentation 2: Capitalisation of the SMOT sustainable management project for old towns and its projects for the Sdax medina (Mr. Ezzeddine Bouassida/Elleuch Amine)


Presentation 3 : Outcomes of the feasability study of the projection of Eco-points in the Medina and presentation of the Borj Ennar project: conception,  environmental importance on the medina, management (Ridha Abbès/Mondher Hadded)


Presentation 4 : Experience of a private collector and recycler (Hanen Halwani)


Presentation 5 : Communication component : importance of the involvement of the users of the Médina for the project’s success (Mounira Béjaoui)


12.00 – 12:30

Debate (30 mn)



Communication campaign:

The communication campaign has been carried out by the Municipality and the ASM with the active participation of the associations (ADRA,Bab Diwen, Pole civile) and has been geared towards the following points:

  • Preparation of the leaflet 
  • Door-to-door contact and distribution of the leaflets by the 4 associations, this action is mainly directed to the artisans who are the largest producers of waste and also the largest polluters.
  • Organisation of an awareness-raising day oriented to all actors of the médina (craftspeople, residents, associations)

The Eco point

The “EcoPoint” is a collection center for industrial waste produced by the leather artisans, skai and others (number of footwear producers: 3370, number of shoe merchants: 742). This Eco point is located inside the médina near the artisan workshops. The industrial waste production is estimated in 6 Tons/day.

This Eco point will allow to largely solve pollution and also to speed up waste recycling thus improving the life quality of the citizens of the médina.

This projet will be operational from the end of May 2016.

The purpose of this project is environmental and awareness-raising so it can be replicated in other parts of the city.

The Eco point will not be managed by the Sfax municipality but by the Association de sauvegarde de la médina (ASM).