The cities of Tanger, Sousse, Barcelona, Malaga and Tetouan  participated in a Seminar on CDS in the Maghreb that took place last October 27 at the Palau Macaya of Barcelona

More than 30 people participated in the exchange and training seminar organized by the AERYC, África-America- Europa Regiones y Ciudades, in collaboration with the MedCities General Secretariat, and the Barcelona Provincial Council.

The participants were technical staff from local adminstrations, technical staff from NGOs and experts interested in the subject of participation, local governance, definition of strategies and international and intergovernamental cooperation in the Mediterranean region.

To discuss on these topics, the speakers shared different experiences on cooperation projects that are being developed in cooperation with other international actors or local adminsitrations.

These were the cases of the City Development Strategy of Sousse and the implementation of its Local Development Office, the development and implementation of the Tetuan Communal Plan, the experience of the new political representatives of Tanger in the municipality and the challenges that Barcelona is facing with the current political and social changes.

These experiences were the starting point to undertake a discussion on how important is citizen participation and engagement and to work for improving local governance, in order to success in the definition and implementation of a City Development Strategy.

It is possible to hear all the internventions of the seminar by accessing the following links:

Audio 1
Audio 2

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