The Medcites network participated in the 2nd technical meeting of MEDSEATIES project on the “Inclusive governance for sustainable Mediterranean coastal metropolis”. The project funded under the ENPI CBCMED Programme, started in January 2014 and aims at contributing to the empowerment of Mediterranean local authorities and private stakeholders in the multi-level decision-making processes related to the management of coastal cities.

The meeting took place in Genoa the 23rd and 24th September and the participants had the opportunity to present the activities implemented since the beginning of the project, especially regarding the identification of good practices in the governance of coastal zones; the activation of local working groups and the definition of the pilot projects to be implemented. Also, the partners and associate partners participated in technical workshops on the following issues: the definition of concrete indicators for measuring the inclusive governance of integrated coastal zone management; the creation of Local Working Groups in territories, especially the territorialisation and implication of stakeholders in this process; and the experience sharing and know-how transfer through the capacity building of Local Working Groups. Furthermore, the partners had the opportunity to express doubts and difficulties in the implementation of activities in each territory and plan the following activities.

Medcités participates in the project as Associate Partner in order to form part of MEDSEATIES Friends’ Club which will gathering relevant stakeholders in coastal management. Led by Al Fayhaa, and according to the Steering Committee decisions, this Friends Club will be in charge of assessing the capitalisation strategy proposed by Al Fayhaa, so as to enable all MEDSEATIES partners to benefit from the international expertise and networks of stakeholders external to the project. The Friends Club will also provide advice in order to include existing best practices in MEDSEATIES GOVERNANCE WP and prepare the training sessions planned in MEDSEATIES CAPACITIES WP. Medcités will particularly assist in the dissemination of the activities and results of the project as well as in the transfer of knowledge and capacity building through the Knowledge Transfer Centre that the Medcités network and Al Fayhaa Urban Community have established in Tripoli (Lebanon).