Sousse (Tunis), Next April 10 and 11, 2014

This seminar, as a part of the USUDS project, is the second meeting of experts and cities organized by CIEDES Foundation (KTC-Málaga) to discuss methodologies, strategies and best practices in CDS.

We have identified four blocks of work to discuss and work: Strategic Diagnostics, Participation and Governance, Monitoring and Evaluation of Strategic Plans, and Project Management; in these blocks, we are going to make a critical reflection on used methodologies, and we are going to share experiences and lessons learned, to identify new ways and we are going to begin to make proposals for the future of the new Mediterranean cities to initiate similar processes.

Therefore, the methodology to be used is based on the participation of the speakers and attendees through presentations and workshops, with the main goal of providing a transfer of knowledge that was useful to all participants.