USUDS Saida team has begun the phase of defining the Action Plan in order to identify and prioritize the projects that will form part of the city strategic plan for the following years.

USUDS team will be focusing in the upcoming phase on two essential issues that are raising awareness on all the strategies and outcomes of the strategic plan to enhance the citizens’ ownership. One will be the guarantee of the strategy’s implementation and on the other hand,  the legal reforms and capacity building of the Municipality’s resources in order to lead the implementation of the city strategy. For this reason, a mixed methodology will be put in place in the following months in order to enhance the participation and inclusion of all stakeholders as well as the citizens, with a special focus on youth. This methodology includes public information and consultation meetings, based on the thematic issues identified in the strategy, with the participation of stakeholders in the city.

A meeting has already been organized on April 7th, with stakeholders related to the Public Infrastructure and Environmental Issues. In addition, community engagement activities and focus groups meetings will be conducted in the city with the experts and stakeholders, to discuss the proposed and current activities, as well as the implementation of the action plan projects.  Furthermore, a public activity will be organized in June in order to present the proposed strategic projects to the citizens of Saida and open a consultation phase before they are ultimately approved by the Steering Committee of the project.
Since USUDS Saida has placed particular attention to the inclusion of youth in shaping the future vision of Saida, the team has been working on engaging youth at all levels and will be organizing activities with the School Network in Saida and its Neighborhood to create a systematic dialogue about the Strategy and the future of the city.
USUDS local team will be working with Saida Municipality and the associate partner, Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development, to define the structure and mechanism for implementing the strategic plan, as well as in creating the indicator system that will allow to monitor and evaluate the development process to have continuous adaptation of the strategy  to any new challenges or circumstances that Saida may face.