The Municipality of Barcelona undertook a technical assistance to the city of Sousse on issues related to water cycle management. 

The assistance was carried out by Mr. Javier Varela and Mrs. Maria José Chesa from the Barcelona Cicle de l’Aigua SA, the municipal public enterprise on water management, under the coordination of the International Cooperation Department of the Municipality of Barcelona.

Three technical missions were organised during USUDS project in order to identify the subject of the cooperation and recollect all necessary data for the preliminary proposal,  engage in technical exchange on the preliminary proposal as well as present experiences and projects related to adequate water cycle management in the city of Bacelona and present the results of this assistance to the Municipal Council of Sousse and to relevant stakeholders on water management.

The first mission allowed the experts to identify two different subjects of collaboration; the first, on an assessment for the design and construction of a Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) System for the Olympic Stadium of Sousse; the second, on the exchange of experiences for the creation of a museum on water in the city of Sousse. Furthermore, it led them to identify some training opportunities for the technical team of Sousse regarding the management of water resources and infrastructure. The technical assistance was then focused on the deposit and reutilization of rain water, while the remaining subjects were dealt with in the second mission that was done in the city of Barcelona, through concrete site visits and technical meetings.

As a result of this assistance, a document was produced with the following aims:

  • Make a preliminary assessment on the potential use of RWH techniques in the Complexe de L’Étoile du Sahel area.
  • Produce a general description of a RWH system and its main components, including sizing of components of the RWH and preliminary budget.
  • Analyse the site feasibility and scoping assessments, covering a range of engineering, environmental and sustainability constraints.
  • Indentify next steps, information and actions needed to develop a construction project for the RWH System.

This work was based on the tight collaboration between the technical team of the Municipality of Barcelona with that of Sousse and the exchange of data, knowledge and experiences. This exchanges are also a way to improve capacity-building and create long-term cooperation paths between cities.

Here you can download the result of these missions, a preliminary Project Plan