The KTC of Alfayhaa has already began a new project with Municipalities, Union of Municipalities, and civil society from Lebanon. The duration of the project will be 18 months.


The Urban Community of Al Fayhaa-Lebanon, have a long experience in dealing with urban issues and is very active in decentralized cooperation. Through the EU financed project USUDS, AL Fayhaa succeeded recently in establishing a knowledge transfer center (KTC) in charge of dissemination, training and facilitation of actions targeting cities interested in Urban Development Strategies. RECONET will widen the scope of KTC by capitalizing experience and knowhow of partners and associates through communication via web networking.

This action, embraces along with Al Fayhaa (who is the applicant), the two Unions of Municipalities of Al Koura and Jerd El Kaiteh, the Manar University of Tripoli, and the faculty of social sciences in the Lebanese University Branch 3 In Tripoli- Lebanon, as well as having Medcities, the municipalities of Saida, Zgahrta, Jbeil and the two unions of Danniyeh and Jezzine associates.

The two main objectives of the project are 

  • Initiating dialogue and interaction and enhancing daily communication and exchange of good practices between partners and associates, thus achieving better municipal management and higher level of municipal governance.
  • Initiate the role of local authorities in regional development and policy making at the local level.

The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Initiate communication and exchange of knowhow and experience on daily municipal issues between partners and associates through the web based network
  • Capitalize and consolidate the experience and knowhow of partners and associates  in multiple municipal sectors                   
  • Initiate a daily continuous daily exchange of experience in municipal administrative, financial and technical sectors between municipal bodies.
  • Build the capacity of elected municipal members and municipal employees through training workshops on main municipal issues such as: Urban strategic planning, Local development office , Urban observatories and decentralized cooperation.
  • Raise the public awareness and enable citizens to play a more active role in public issues.
  • Offer daily live possibility for all the partners and experts of civil society to interact between each other and exchange information , thus reducing time and efforts in solving daily issues

The expected results of the project are a web based network of municipalities and universities, elected municipal members and staff trained, a network open to citizens, experts and NGO’S of the civil society to express their proper point of views and a guide of tangible results.

The activities planned to achieve the objectives are the creation of a coordination office in Al Fayhaa,  the realitzation of different missions to the partners to analyze their needs and the organisation of  training workshops and a final assembly.