In the framework of the project of Regional Consolidation and Networking of Expertise project RECONET funded by the European Union, a partnership agreement and cooperation was signed on August 25, 2015.

RECONET is a partnership agreement between the Union of Municipalities of Al Fayhaa, the Union of Municipalities of Jerd AL Qaytea, Union of Municipalities of Koura, Al-Manar University of Tripoli, and the Institute of Social Sciences at the Lebanese University. The associates for this project are the Union of Municipalities of Danniyeh, the Union of Municipalities of Jezzine, the Municipality of Zgharta / Ehden, the Municipality of Saida, and the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona, ​​acting as MedCities Secretary General. 

The event started with the welcome speeches of the president of the Urban Community Al Fayhaa and Mayor of Tripoli Eng. Amer Al Tayeb Rafeii, Dr. Alexis LOEBER, first Counsellor- Head of Cooperation Section, and H.E. Judge Ramzi Nohra- Governor of North Lebanon.

President Rafeii stated that the RECONET project opens up potentials for cooperation, partnership, and knowledge transfer between the Union of Municipalities of Koura and Jerd el-Qaytea in cooperation with Al-Manar University and the Institute of Social Sciences at the Lebanese University.

The base of this cooperation is to transfer experiences and know-how among all partners in the various administrative, technical and financial issues. This project is funded by the European Union, with a grant amount of 75,000 Euros over a duration of 18 months, including training of staff and members of the councils in the unions concerned on the fundamental issues facing them in their daily municipal work through workshops and specialized courses.

Dr. Alexis LOEBER added that the EU is pleased to fund this project due to its importance and its positive impact on those involved in it.

The governor of North Lebanon judge Ramzi Nohra stressed that “RECONET project seeks to raise awareness of local development, formation of dialogue network, communication and training, and exchange of expertise in all fields. Therefore, this project is an important step toward administrative decentralization.

A brief presentation of the RECONET Project was done by COM of RECONET- Eng. Abdallah Adul Wahab, where the objectives and role of each partner were specified.

As for the administrative, technical and financial issues of getting on Board of the RECONET project, they were explained by the Director of Urban Community of Al Fayhaa- Eng. Dima Homsi.

Finally, a press conference was held where the partnership agreement was signed by the partners of this fruitful Project.