The Descriptive Memory of the city is offering the most objective vision of the different variables that make up the urban reality.

Larnaca Municipality carried out a two-day workshop in the framework of the programme “Mediterranean Network for the promotion of Sustainable Urban Strategies, and the three new Urban Development Strategies (USUDS)” on 11th and 12th of December 2012 at Intercollege Auditorium, in Larnaca.


The Mayor presented the project, summarizing the process and the financial aspects. The Local Team of Experts presented the different urban variables that were examined during the pre-diagnosis phase, based on the existing data and studies that were collected. The two day workshop was divided into four sessions:

1.    Socio-economic Data

2.    Major infrastructure

3.    Environmental wealth and environmental factors, and

4.    Urban design and urban planning parameters


The target of the workshop was to exchange information and comments with the group members in order to update the Descriptive Memory document and establish the key issues for the development of the city. Furthermore, the workshop aimed at the creation of a robust project team which is vital to the success of the strategy and the programme in general. This team, referred to as the Steering Committee is the guiding force in overseeing the project. The Steering Committee consisted of all entities of the community, including the Mayor of Larnaca and representatives of the institutions on the General Council, like Public Departments, Universities, transportation and tourism boards etc.