The project was presented together with the projects of the Bureau de Développement Locale (Caisse des Dêpots) and Cities for New Generation (World Bank)

From January 14th to 17th, the Secretary General of MedCities Mr. Joan Parpal and the USUDS Platform Coordinator Mr. Oriol Barba visited Sfax  with the objective to present the USUDS Project to the new Special Delegation of Sfax, led by its President Mr. Mabrouk Konsentini.

The visit was an opportunity to coordinate actions with two other projects related to urban sustainable development promoted also in Sfax by international institutions. These projects are the creation of a Bureau de Développement Locale (BDL) led by Caisse des Dêpots en Conseignements, represented in Sfax by Ms. Maryse Gautier, and the project Cities for New Generation, led by the World Bank and represented in Sfax by Ms. Candice LeTourneur.

During the visit in Sfax, several coordination meetings took place with the responsibles of the KTC and the political authorites of the Special Delegation. These meetings were also a opportunity to start preparing the first seminar of dissemination and awareness of urban strategic planning that the KTC of Sfax will organize in July 2013.