On July 21st the Municipality of Sfax and its Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC) of MedCities celebrated a participatory workshop on the optimization of waste management in the Medina. 

This workshop formed part of the technical assistance that is being provided to the city of Sfax regarding the management of waste in the Medina in the framework of the project for the consolidation of the KTCs of MedCities, in collaboration with the Centre of Mediterranean Integration (CMI) and with the economic support of its Multi Donor Trust Fund. The technical assistance includes the elaboration of a diagnosis and an action plan for the implementation of waste management structures in the proximity of the Medina.

The results of the diagnosis were presented in the workshop, together with the strategy and action plan for the waste management in the Medina and were put under debate with local and national stakeholders. Some 50 representatives of local and national stakeholders on waste management as well as representatives of the different users of the Medina participated actively in the exchanges that took place during the workshop in order to enrich the action plan. Also, complementarities were sought with the SMOT project, implemented in the Medina of Sfax with ENPI CBC MED funding.

The Municipality of Sfax expressed its will to put in place a waste recollection site in the proximity of the Medina, as a result of the technical assistance, and to launch sensitisation and communication activities in order to engage the stakeholders and users of the Medina in efficient waste separation, recollection and recycling.