The GeDeTun will promote improvements in the waste management in Bizerte and Kairoun

From 21 to 24 February, a technical mission from MedCities’ General Secretariat, jointly with the Waste Prevention and Management Section of the AMB, have travelled to Tunisia to work with the municipalities of  Bizerte and Kairouan in the identification of pilot projects for the improvement of waste management. This has been the first step towards the implementation of the new GeDeTun (Géstion de Déchets en Tunisie) project, in which MedCities is involved. 

The project aims to improve the capabilities in waste management of the municipal staff, exchange experiences and knowledge about efficient waste management and also raising public awareness.

The GeDeTun project is financed by the Barcelona City Council, the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona and the two local counterparts: Bizerte and Kairoun. The total budget is 146.500€ and will last one year.

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