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Tataouine (Berber languages: Tiṭṭawin; Arabic: تطاوين‎) is a city in southern Tunisia. It is the capital of the Tataouine Governorate. The below-ground “cave dwellings” of the native Berber population, designed for coolness and protection, render the city and the area around it a tourist and film makers’ attraction.
Surrounded by mountains from which spring ksours, fortresses formerly used to shelter from the invaders, the essential commodities such cereals, olive oil, pulses … it lives trade between the many villages that the surround. His souk of Monday and Thursday is one of the most picturesque of Tunisia.
The name Tiṭṭawin means ‘eyes’ and ‘water springs’ in the Berber language. It is sometimes transliterated in European languages as Tatahouine, Tatahouïne, Tatawin or Tatooine. The names “Tataouine”, “Tatahouine” and “Foum Tatahouine” all appeared in the postcards portraying the city in the 1920s.
The city used to be called Fum Taṭāwīn (فم تطاوين), alternatively spelled Fumm Tattauin, Foum Tatahouine, Fum Tatawin, or Foum Tataouine, which means ‘mouth of the springs’.

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