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Tajerouine is a town and commune in the Kef GovernorateTunisia. As of 2014 it had a population of 19,362

Tajerouine or Tadjerouine (Arabic: تاجروين, Tājarwīn) is a city in Tunisia in the Governorate of Kef, located about 38 km southwest of the city of Kef, at the foot of the 1,103-meter Djebel Slata, which is in the west, and Djebel El Houdh, which is in the northeast, at 699 meters above sea level. The municipality has 18,185 inhabitants with around 7,200 in the city itself and the rest in the other centers of the municipality.

The city is mainly agricultural; there are also herds of cattle and sheep. Clay is also produced there. A horse riding festival is organized in the city every year.

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