(Arabic: صفاقس Ṣafāqis, Tunisian Arabics : [sˤfɑːqs]) is a city in Tunisia, located 260 km (161 mi) southeast of Tunis .The city, founded in AD 849 on the ruins of Taparura and Thaenae, is the capital of the Sfax Governorate, and a Mediterranean port.
SFAX is considered the beating heart of the Tunisian economy. The main economic activities of Sfax are industries (phosphate processing), agriculture (olive and olive oil), fishing (largest fishing port in Tunisia) and trade (import-export).
SFAX is often described as Tunisia’s ” second city” (after the capital Tunis).
The following cities and towns are located in the Sfax Governorate: Sfax (capital ), Agareb, Bir Ali, Ben Khélifa, Bir Salah, Chihia, El Ain, Graiba, Gremda, Jebiniana,  Kerkennah, El Hencha, Mahrès, Menzel Chaker, Sakiet Eddair, Sakiet Ezzit, Skhira, Thyna.

Culture and education :
the city of Sfax includes an archaeological museum, located in the municipal building and is open during the hours of municipal services, which includes a collection of ancient archaeological discoveries in the city and in the close sites, including the ancient city Thanae (Thyna); its collections include pieces dating from prehistoric, Roman and Islamic. Sfax also contains a museum of arts and traditions located in the medina called Dar Jallouli.
Sfax includes the major educational institutions in southern Sahel : The University of Sfax which is a principal academic teaching centers in the country , pioneer preparatory school, and there are also a library in the city center as well as a French cultural center near the train station.
Economy :
Sfax, is the second industrial city the most important in Tunisia. The most important industries are leather and wool are also characterized by the cultivation of olive, almond and fishing. It is also known for the people of Sfax mastering many traditional crafts and industries such as construction, handicrafts, carpentry, blacksmithing, and the production of the modern and traditional gold and silver.
Sfax is served by a narrow gauge railway system of SNCFT that delivers phosphates and iron ore for export. Sfax is also served by Sfax -Thyna International Airport with regularly scheduled flights and charter flights.
After the 2011 revolution, businessmen from the region gather around a project to create an airline company based in Sfax. This company, called Syphax Airlines.
Sfax is considered one of the country’s most important sports poles with about forty sports clubs. The numbers of sports practitioners is approximately 7200. Specialties practiced are football, volleyball, handball, basketball, judo, tennis, rugby, athletics, boxing, weightlifting, bowls and swimming.Sarajevo is situated in the area of Sarajevo plain, which is surrounded by mountains Bjelasnica and Igman from the Southwest, by Trebevic from the Southeast, middle-range mountains and inter-valley headlands (capes) on the North and Northwest.

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