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Federation of Chouf El Aala Municipalities (إتحاد بلديات الشوف الأعل) is a Lebanese local authority which is located in Chouf District (Qada’a), an administrative division of Mount Lebanon Governorate (Mohafazah). The municipality is member of Federation of Chouf El Aala Municipalities.

Federation of Chouf El Aala Municipalities was founded on 07/08/2002, by the decree number 8323. Its administrative center is located in the city of Moukhtara.

Municipalities of the federation

Municipalities of the federation
2Ain Qani
6Haret Jandal
7Jbaa (Chouf)
8Khreibeh (Chouf)
9Maasser ech Chouf
12Niha (Chouf)

Chouf District (kaza, caza, qadaaقضاء) is one of six districts of Mount Lebanon Governorate.

It’s surrounded on the north by the river Damour. The river El Aouali markets the southern boundary. It stretches from the Mediterranean coast to the west to the heights of the mountains of Barouk (2 000 meters above sea level). Its area is 495 square kilometers, equivalent to 4.7% of the total area of Lebanon.

It’s bounded on the north by Aaley District, east by West Beqaa District and south by Saida (Sidon) District and Jezzine District.

Its administrative centre is located in Beit Ed Dine, capital of the emirs of Mount Lebanon, and the historic core of the Republic of Lebanon politically and geographically.

Chouf District is the third most populous of Mount Lebanon after Baabda District and Matn District. Its population is estimated at 166 140 inhabitants, equivalent to 3.9% of the total population of Lebanon.

During the municipal elections of 2004, the Chouf had 173 888 residents, 277 268 registered voters, including 159 405 actual voters.

It includes several cities which have an essential role in Lebanese politics under Ottoman rules, such as Baaqline and Deir El Qamar, which have become centers of tourism activities and cultural variety.

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